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You may plan to travel and be looking for ways to save money. Or you may plan to hire professionals for the endless repair & maintenance around your house that may be expensive.

Paying for costly jobs, chores, trades, services, professional hire, tuition and accommodation may soon be a thing of the past.

The Swap Social Network

You have found the swap social network where holiday traveling volunteers offer hands-on help or tuition.

Homeowners swap accommodation to receive volunteer tuition or hands-on help. Volunteers may:

  • Finish home chores, odd-jobs, trades, services or professional work for the homeowner.
  • Offer tuition and finish home chores, odd-jobs, trades, services or professional work for the homeowner.
  • Offer tuition and the homeowner may finish home jobs themselves.

Our Gift to You gives back.

We give to our members with our affiliate program.

Plus we have pledged profits to over 90 charities. And we plan to make larger contributions.

Help us make change by joining for free now. Even if it's just a little change, let us make a difference to people's lives throughout the world.

Join and be a part of change to people in need. Help others by embracing in the social network. Start now!

About Us


Are you the town / region / church / city project manager and you looking to find someone to finish chores, odd-jobs, professional work, trades, services or tuition? Or, are you looking to volunteer locally or abroad as a tutor or hands-on worker? You have found the work holiday social network where volunteers travel and offer helping hands to local communities worldwide. Our database has access to profiles of volunteers ready to work, and homeowner holiday accommodation providers worldwide.

Project Manager

Are you the project manager? At you may find access to a willing workforce of volunteers that will travel to meet with you at your location. There is no monthly subscriptions or one off purchases - it's free for all project and managers and homeowners.

You will be in charge of finding willing participants in your local community to house the volunteer while they work for you. Your mission is to work with people on both sides of the pitch. On one side you will collate with homeowners in your area and encourage them to join the social network as a member with either a public or private profile, so then the volunteer may enter in to a private discussion with the host and then come to an arrangement for a stay.

Our interface is feature rich and easy to use. You may easily create Groups that members may join. The most popular setup is to create two Groups – one Group for the hosts, and one Group for prospective and actual volunteers. There is no limit to the number of Groups you can create, thus one Group each for homeowners, prospective and actual volunteers is also perfectly suitable. Group settings can be Private or Public, by invite only or set to anyone can join. You might like to make your 'homeowner' Group private, while making your 'volunteer' Group public. The choice is yours!

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If you have thought of someone who might be interested to learn about our database of volunteers and worldwide projects / homeowners, then please, first read 'Sharing our Details' by clicking here.

Home Owner

If you are a homeowner and you need language lessons, or other work finished around your home then now you have found a handy way to save thousands of dollars on labour costs that you would have otherwise spent on finishing jobs, chores, trades, services, professional work, or tuition. is the work holiday social network where volunteers help with various projects or language classes worldwide.

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If you have thought of someone who might be interested to learn about our database of volunteers and worldwide projects / homeowners, then please, first read 'Sharing our Details' by clicking here.


Our interface lets you – THE VOLUNTEER – choose what is the best volunteer placement for you. There is no need to worry about the thought of being put in the production line and simply 'shuffled' through processes that are invisible to your eye and that ultimately cost you (the client) too much money and is not good service. You will find our system is transparent, easy to use, offers value for money, and what might be most important is that YOU are in control.

The method you take to start your placement in a volunteer position might be the biggest decision you make in many years. Will I get a skill match? Will I get a job in the country of my choice? Is drinking water easy to come by? How will I find food? How much does accommodation cost? Leaving these questions in the hands of others may quite possibly lead to disaster.

You don't need to worry about this when you join Our database can be searched by you with ease. You can define what Search criteria you want a match on. And then hey presto - you can easily view profiles matching your criteria.

So what are you waiting for? Join now! Click here.

If you have thought of someone who might be interested to learn about our database of volunteers and worldwide projects / homeowners, then please, first read 'Sharing our Details' by clicking here.

The Vision

The social network is the vision of Steven Cooper, the hands on owner manager.

Steven believes that people deserve opportunities. He realizes that opportunity may not be easily found for many people.

He desires to prove the swap social network may go forward with a healthy following of members who are committed to offer a moment of giving. He believes society will benefit from the generosity of others.

Steven dreams that one day the worlds people would adopt volunteering & gifting of every day products & services instead of cash changing hands.

Sharing our Details

There is several ways you can inform your friends about the work holiday social network. But before you jump in the car and go and tell your friends all about us consider this:

When you join our affiliate program you will have the opportunity to profit. Consider that nearly 55% of all households have at least one resident that is under the age of 35 years old. Our target market for the volunteer who may join the social network is 18 years to 35 years old. To view your earning potential and to learn more about the affiliate program visit this URL:


Once you are approved as an affiliate then you can login to your affiliate panel and send your unique link to your contacts via an email. This will ensure any sales that your referrals purchase / make can earn you cash. And if they too join the affiliate program you earn cash on down line sales - up to 7 Tiers deep.

To join our affiliate program click here. However, you don't need to join our affiliate program. Instead you can inform your contacts in the old fashioned way. Word or mouth, snail mail, email, phone or any other method works wonders. Our home page address is

Affiliate Program

To learn more visit our FAQ page. Click here.


Steven believes the meaning of life may be described with one word... enjoyment.

Have fun!

Support Charity


At we believe in giving.

We have pledged profits and donations to over 90 charities. We offer a great service, and you may choose to apply as affiliate marketer at any time.

Embrace Adventure

The core of the social network is a community of people who willingly embrace adventure. You see opportunity while others step back. You are a part of society willing to give a gift to others.

Experience the Sharing of a Gift

At times we may not realize human kind often share in moments of giving. Gifts need not be expensive. A friendly smile is all it takes. The gift of a smile can double, triple, multiplying in numbers. A large group of people may all give the gift of a smile while receiving back more in return. Peoples faces in a crowd may light up with a smile in an instant, and this may grow into fits of laughter. This what may be called an infectious experience. And some may be unawares that a true gift has been exchanged.

A Perfect World

In a perfect world we wouldn't’t have a need for money. We would share gifts at nearly every minute. Housing would be free. The worlds airlines would offer free air travel. Fuel wouldn't cost us and we would have any car we want. Everyone would offer free help to meet our particular wants and needs. Everything free.

The world isn't perfect, and when we look at the foundation of societies both near and afar we see two fundamental building blocks. This is money and love.

Love: We love our family & friends. We share in gifts that is moments of socializing, housing, cuisine and oft times the same language & culture.

Money: We constantly may be working day to day in order to make a living. We earn money to buy in to a lifestyle that we may perceive to be necessary and/or convenient. Earning more money may sometimes make it easier to obtain a lifestyle with more conveniences. Conveniences may include the sharing of more time, more gifts, improved food, improved transport, an improved house, and/or extra holidays.

Simplify this and you get:
Love: family & friends that is priceless.
Money: anything that can be bought with money.

Your Goals

Human kind is ambitious and proud. We set goals. You may have a goal to purchase or improve your own home, or travel the world. You may visualize goals that one day you may achieve. Maybe you dream a picture of a person or place in your mind and put it in association with your imagined achievement. Maybe a picture that is a clean house inside and out, a building extension, people working, people smiling, someone laughing, inside an airport, taking a bus ride, and/or another country.

Whether your dream is of a well cared for home, or a world travel holiday, when you participate in a swap you may have an opportunity to meet culturally rich and diverse people. You may offer a gift to interesting and unique people all the while saving money.

Embrace the social network now and share in what it has to offer.

Our Gift to Charity

With over 14,000 charities located in New Zealand and all worthy of support, it soon became apparent the need to block much emotion so we may rationalize a purse to those we are most passionate about. And in fact then we needed to be tougher again, because the list had included over 3000 charities at that stage and was going to send us bankrupt.

The refined list includes charities to the benefit of children and youth; including education, sports, camps, medical etc, minority groups; like Maori, any other minority race within New Zealand, animal care; rescue, and community groups with regard to hardship; like anti-violence support groups etc. Basically we believe in helping each nation as one people to live together in harmony.

Our budget starts a roll-out prior 'back to school' time (Feb.) 2013. In our first five years of business we are committed to making the world a better place. Our contribution over the first lustrum (5 years) is based on a few key business principles. With consideration it’s our youngest years, our childhood so to speak, we are committing only a small portion of net profit for contribution amongst our charitable list. For every visitor to our site who purchases membership we will contribute 20% of net profit. Starting Feb. 2013 through Feb. 2017 it’s estimated our support could top tens of thousands. Then up for review.

Affiliate Program

To learn more visit our FAQ page. Click here.


At, we understand the value of giving. It's our ambition to give generously to people who offer so much.

Human kind work to earn money. We earn money to survive day to day. Because in a modern world we can't live without money. A day without money exchanging hands is unlikely for most people.

If man and woman traded smiles, gifts and loving hugs instead of cash we believe the world would be a better place. We give to people who give to others.

Examples of How it Works

Lets take the following categories and apply them to one or two working examples you may find in the social network. The examples include a labour swap at the homeowners' house. Categories are:
Click on a link to see the example:

1. Swap Accommodation for Hands-on Help
2. Swap Accommodation for Tuition & Hands-on Help
3. Swap Accommodation for Tuition
4. Swap as a Volunteer - Tutor and/or Hands-on Helper

1. Swap Accommodation for Hands-on Help: Imagine. You have welcomed a helpful and friendly volunteer in to your home. Her name is Marissa. She will work for you, doing some odd-jobs and chores around your home.

Marissa is great company. She is interesting and funny. Marissa works to the agreed schedule and she does a fantastic job. As some of the more difficult and involved tasks come to hand you sit back and rest tired legs.

You are very happy to have found Marissa. Your maintenance & repair costs may soon be cut in half. In two days Marissa saved you over $300.00. Your car had an oil change, your pool was chlorinated and cleaned of all leafy material. Total work was 6 hours per day.

You are so impressed with Marissa that you post positive Feedback, and provide a Reference.

2. Swap Accommodation for Tuition & Hands-on Help: Imagine. You have invited Crystal in to your home so she may teach and work for you. Crystal is swapping as a personal trainer and you're looking forward to getting some dieting tips.

You have both agreed that Crystal will volunteer for 10 days, 4 hours per day. Crystal doesn't muck around and she starts right away. She checks your fridge and asks some questions. With the information at hand she is able to write a full plan that is personalized and meets with your special requirements.

After just 3 days has past with Crystal you find you have made a big adjustment in your eating habits, and for the better. On day 4 Crystal teaches you how to cook great healthy & tasty meals with the use the stock in your fridge & pantry.

Your very impressed with Crystal as she has motivated you to take improved steps to a more health conscious diet. You now know that with a bit of daily exercise included that you may stay healthy and fit.

Crystal finishes on day 10. You've since changed old habits and am happy to have started with the swap. You've been lucky to find a personal fitness coach. In 10 days Crystal saved you over $3,500.00. Total work was 4 hours per day.

You are so impressed with Crystal that you post positive Feedback, and provide a Reference.

3. Swap Accommodation for Tuition: Imagine. You have welcomed a helpful and friendly volunteer teacher in to your home. His name is Mitch. He is here to teach you examples of how to care for your car and pool.

Mitch is great and he teaches you plenty. He is thorough and polite. He checks the radiator and you learn about the importance of checking the fluid levels in your vehicle. You notice he is knowledgeable. He tells you his experience comes from working with his own machines.

On day two Mitch teaches you how to chlorinate your pool to the right level. He does a great job and within hours your pool is sparkling again. You're happy about this because it's a hot day and you can't wait to get in for a swim.

You learn plenty. You've always wanted to finish your own work so you can save money. This has been a very educational experience.

In 2 days Mitch saved you over $400.00. Total work was 6 hours per day.

You're so impressed with Mitch that you get online and add positive Feedback, and provide a Reference.

4. Swap as a Volunteer - Tutor and/or Hands-on Helper: Imagine. Waking from your sleep to the sound of birds you've never heard the sing of. You wonder what species they may be. Then you open your eyes, pull the covers off the bed and sit up. You feel excitement as you notice the ambient light has a different look to it than you're used to at home. You walk to the window and pull the curtains back. What you see before you excites you even more. The rolling hills in the country side are visible as far as the eye can see. You had ideas of what Italy would be like but you never could have imagined you'd be lost for words. It's beautiful.

You hear the clink of coffee cups as the call of your name sings out. Joshua asks: “Do you like eggs?”. His accent is rich, overflowing with character. You become more excited. Coffee or tea is on the menu and it's not long before breakfast is being cooked.

You have time to sit down and collect your thoughts. Your sense of smell is aroused with the cooking of a hearty breakfast. Sitting with Joshua and his wife you have a lovely chat. Time moves on and you ponder for a minute.

You have traveled far and you hope to have fun. And you realize you may do just that as you start to learn part of Joshua's native language.

You work to the agreed schedule. 8 hours, one-day-on one-day-off. You opted for this over all other choices. You are confident this allows for you the freedom you require. You work to restore Joshua's classic automobile. It's a Jaguar S type. It was hidden away in his garage for decades. He always intended to fix it but somehow age caught up with him. He has been able to offer some great input and you appreciate the friendship that has been forged.

You have a break every second day and are pleased to have found a swimming hole in the hills. It's clean running water and their is a rock outcrop where the daring may choose to jump.

Today is great weather for swimming and you grab your togs to go for a dip. Joshua lends you his push bike for the trip. It's a ride that takes 15 minutes without a stop. The swim will make it worthwhile.

Its not long before your paddling in the water. The invigorating aqua brings relief to tired muscles. Today is warm and it's a surprise you have the place to yourself. You see a toasty warm rock that will be perfect to sit upon and rest. You think to remember times of long ago of when you were younger. You picture your parents and now you wish to see them again. You fall asleep under the sun, drifting in and out. You dream, "What a lovely day". You wonder what you will do on the next day you have free. You make a decision to go in to the local market where there is a coffee shop and delicatessen. You can picture it now. Ancient buildings made of stone by old Italian roads where generations of people have lived. Your imagination drifts to the stone where by you sit. Whimsically you pass a thought. "If only rocks could speak..."

You feel the night is near. It's cooler and the sun has dropped to below your line of sight. You move away from the swimming hole. Your thoughts go to the ride ahead. You are happy to know it's down hill all the way. You feel refreshed and are confident that your memories of this place will never be forgotten. It's an easy ride back to your accommodation.

Tonight's dinner is Spaghetti Bologna-se. A perfect day is capped off with Joshua's home made iced lemon tea. He thought to leave it for you because he knows you've been working hard. You will sleep well tonight.

The days pass. You have finished the work. Your stay was for one of the longer swap time-frames. 3 weeks and you did a great job. It's has been a wonderful holiday and when you return to your homeland you feel revived and refreshed. You've saved the expense of 21 nights accommodation that could add up to hundreds, if not thousands of dollars. You do a quick calculation in your head and you see figures in the thousands.

One night you check your email and you are thrilled to notice that Joshua has left positive Feedback, and provided a Reference.

What do I get?

When you sign up to the social network you automatically go on Free membership, that is free of charge.

The host or project manager may upgrade membership for no extra charge, upon request to Administration and subsequent approval. Volunteers may upgrade to Silver, Gold or Platinum memberships at any time for a small charge.

You may activate your Trial membership to get an idea of the social network.

If your Trial membership runs for 7 days, then you are transferred to the Free membership that is free of charge.

You may join our affiliate program. Commission earnings may be recurring, and you may have the opportunity to earn great profits. Individual results vary.

Search locations are worldwide. Search anytime, anywhere.

Some of our services:-
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The Guarantee

Social Network guarantees that you will save money when engaging in a swap.

If you do not save money, click here to notify us, and your membership will be extended for free.

  • Silver, Gold, Platinum, and credit purchases gets 3 months extra of premium membership

Does not include free or promotional memberships.

Affiliate Program

There is a 90 day satisfaction guarantee.

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Steven Cooper

Managing Director

Steven Cooper is the founder and Manager of Steven has worked in the web design and IT industries for many years. Steven is self taught in design. From time to time he has welcomed the helpful hand of friendly visitors.

Prior to founding, Steven headed a successful photography company, where he and his team photographed as many as 30 weddings year after year.

His creative edge not only helps with designing, but, he says it also helps him put a positive spin on some of the more challenging ordeals.

For example, he is likely to remember the positive and not the negative. He says: "The glass is never empty, I only need to fill it again. I can fill it as many times as I like. It really is endless."

His unorthodox way of thinking is, as he says: "...where I reach into my creative hat, to find that sometimes, wow - I've pulled out a genie!"

His love for loving human kind as one may be obvious, as could be indicated in the content of this website. He says he is passionate for equality to the races, and he is saddened to see so much hatred around the world.

He sometimes works shifts of 30 hours straight, until physically he can't continue anymore. He is ambitious and driven. He says: "I get an idea in my head and I can't stop till I've finished it."

He says: "I want to achieve my childhood dream to be successful. If I make lots of money I have ideas to increase the charitable list to include international lands. I only want to do good. I'm quite keen to help people worldwide. If I can touch someone and make a difference it can bring tears to my eyes."

When asked: "If you could give just one message to your website members, what would it be?"

Steven: "To never let go of your dreams."

Interview by Gerry Jordan.

To contact Steven click here, and add to the subject line text including 'Att: Steven'.

Media inquiries to:


Currently its a one man team here.

Demand is picking up, and in the future we may be hiring.

You may send us a current Resume and application letter. We keep them on file and periodically review them. Before our advertising, we favor applications from people with the initiative to introduce themselves over others.

If you find it hard to get work, or you're returning to the work force after a break, or even if you're inexperienced, your application is still welcome. If you've the right attitude then you may have a chance.

If you think you can offer us work in one or more of the following then welcome:
  • Computer operators
  • Support center personnel
  • Programmers (MySql, PHP, Javascript)
  • Web developers
  • Market researchers
  • Statisticians

You may have the opportunity to work from home. You may be able to work to your own preferred hour regime.

We have an in-house induction period that is based in Methven, New Zealand. And during this time we will assess your current skill set and discuss with you what you are expecting to achieve for yourself when working with us. Here we may ascertain the most suitable position(s) for you, or part ways.

Plus we run periodic staff meetings where you may be required to attend.

Our priority when considering to hire any staff is that they are able to work in with anything that we are doing.

We look for people who are able to adapt to new positions well. If we see you're skilled in various fields, you may be asked to float from one job to the next.

However, to reiterate, attitude is what we look for, and is important to us. If we see you've got that in-line we may consider your application regardless of your adaptability.

All management positions are drawn from internal promotions, and are considered on individual merit. With this considered you may expect all starts to be at entry level.

You may be eligible to receive performance bonuses.

We want to see references included with your Resume. These may be from friends or work related. Please don't have family write them.

You might like to send 'track and trace' mail, as from time to time we receive many letters and we don't promise a reply.

Post to:
37 South Belt

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Are you a homeowner with a spare bedroom? Can you volunteer tuition or hands-on help?
Volunteers abroad & locally swap teaching or hands-on for accommodation.
Work Holiday Social network.

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Are you a homeowner with a spare bedroom? Can you volunteer tuition or hands-on help?
Volunteers abroad & locally swap teaching or hands-on for accommodation.
Work Holiday Social network.
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